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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freedom....freedom... you gotta give what u take.....
LOL that was just a line from the song Freedom by George Michael. Anyway..... PMR is officially over for me. All the best to next year's candidates. Right now all I wanna do spread my wings and FLY!!!!! Literally. (Yea right like that will happen) I'm not gonna think about the future coz right now I just wanna enjoy the remainding months as a fifteen year old. I don't really have a 'game plan' on what to do but roughly... these are a few.

1. Buy a guitar.
2. Learn to play the guitar.
3. Read Breaking Dawn.
4. Watch New Moon. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
5. Listen to old school music. Btw.. Jaz this is a small reminder to listen to songs by Van Morrison.
6. Go crazy!!!!
7. Do nothing
8. Day dream...
9. Read.... tons of books waiting on my shelf.
10. Watch all the movies I missed out.

well that's pretty much just it for now.

xoxo...... freedom is sweet! sorta.....

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